Saturday, March 17, 2018

Introducing The Space Between Colour

I’m excited for the completion of our new project The Space Between Colour. Working with Thandi Ntuli has been a special experience for myself and my younger brothers. We filmed at an exciting venue in downtown Johannesburg called Victoria Yards, which also exposed us to some of the innovative spaces that are cropping up around South Africa. I am inline to curate an art event in collaboration with Victoria Yards called The Honest Spaces Initiative, which is inspired by the uniqueness of the area and how urban regeneration can bring new life without taking anything away.

Thandi and I talked about her second studio album Exiled, which extends to the inner complexities of black relationships. Exiled is not only a story about the experiences of black women in South Africa, it’s also about partners, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers! South Africa’s historical system of migrant labour contributed to the systemic breakdown of African families. We talked about this during my interview with Thandi and our discourse felt very honest and complete. I am grateful for her involvement in The Space Between Colour.

The Space Between Colour is a two part docu-film produced by Phsics Media Films/ Digitaltimeless which follows two women of colour artists. Filmed in London and Johannesburg, The Space Between Colour investigates the significance of inclusion and representation in the art world. The Space Between Colour will also be released in a print format, in collaboration with The Kariba Women’s Dialogue. The print magazine will be Phsics Magazine’s 6th annual publication. The film will be screened in London and Johannesburg in the second half of 2018. Keep it locked for the trailer. One love – T.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

In London with Carleen Anderson and Progressive Art film

I’m trying to think of reasons why it took me so long to visit London, a city where some of my closest friends call home. It was always too far, too complicated to apply for a travel visa, too expensive, or too, well…uninspiring. Then it came that we had to work on our new documentary for the Digital Timeless platform which required me to go. And what a trip it turned out to be!

Carleen Anderson and I talked about the inclusion and representation of women in the arts. It was important for me to have this conversation with her because she knows life. Sometimes, knowing what to think is also knowing who and what to ask. In the age of digital misinformation, perspective is perhaps the most significant survival tool for our generation.

Our new project The Space Between Colour will be screened in 2018. Until next time. Much love and keep in touch. T